Deer Management for Tree and Plant Health

Picture of a deer, which has been eating tree growth.One of Pennsylvania’s great treasures are our white-tailed deer, but they can also be a burden to property owners who are battling to keep them from damaging trees on their property in Blair County.

Deer can kill your trees from buck rubs but primarily be eating chutes and leaves. Adult deer eat up to six pounds per day though you might wonder why it’s always your six pounds of vegetation!

There are many products available that help repel deer from property, and you may have had some success with some of them.


They love to eat shrubs, apples and other fruits, but also vegetable gardens and ornamental gardens. Once they have established the way they eat, it is difficult to get them away from their favorite eating spots and watering holes. Your trees may be able to sustain some deer feedings, but frequent foraging will kill your trees and other plants.

Deer, however, are very persistent and have probably come back to property after you stopped applying the repellent. Also, deer seem unable to forget things they like (like eating your flowers). To effectively manage deer on your property through non-lethal means, you’ll need to take an integrated approach using products in conjunction with each other tactics to keep the deer away as part of a smart deer repellent program.

Your deer repellent program should include:

  • Deer repellents
  • Fencing
  • Deer resistant plants

Managing deer will keep your plants and trees safe while also reducing your family’s risk of Lyme disease from ticks carried by deer. For more information on tick management, check out these best practices for tree care and ticks.

If the deer have already gotten to your trees and they need removed or treated, give Reliable Tree Service at (814) 693-TREE a call so that we can assess the damage and fix the problem.

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