Deer Tick Tree Management 101

Deer tick life stages.

Do you find deer tick’s on your trees & property?

Spring and summer are tick seasons. During these periods, people often encounter ticks, which increase the risk of contracting diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Fever. The blacklegged or deer tick is responsible for most cases of diseases and this tick is especially prevalent in Altoona and surrounding communities. Many Pennsylvanians live with the long lasting affects Lyme disease including heart block, chronic arthritis and various neurological problems like tingling, paralysis, and memory loss.

Small rodents and deer are the most common carriers for ticks. Ticks become infected with Lyme disease by feeding on their blood. Lyme disease is serious and if you, your family, or pets spend much time in the woods, have a wooded lot, or live near Pennsylvania State Game Lands, you need to take precautions.

One of your best defenses is to know that ticks avoid dry and sunny areas. They can’t survive long without moisture, so by removing brush and trimming shrubs, you are letting sunlight in and dry air circulate reducing your risk. Also, by removing the piles of wood in which mice and ticks can hide, you are also reducing the number of ticks on your ground.

A barrier treatment administered by a tree professional is also highly effective.

So the best way to keep ticks out of your ground is to maintain it well. Remove all extra branches, wood, deadwood or anything that can make a dark and cool place for ticks to live in. Mow your lawn often and keep your pets in short grass too, because when you mow your lawn, the ticks go somewhere else.

If you’ve noticed ticks on your property, you need to protect your family from Lyme disease and other diseases transmitted by ticks. Reliable Tree Service will implement an integrated deer tick tree management program to reduce the number of ticks on your property. Call Reliable Tree Service at (814) 693-TREE to learn more about your options today.

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